BG Automotive Maintenance Services

BG Automotive Maintenance Services

BG’s Automotive Maintenance Services are backed by the free Lifetime BG Protection Plan.

Lifetime BG Protection Plan

That means, for example, if you get a BG Power Steering Service, repair of the lubricated parts in your power steering system will automatically be covered up to $4,000!* How’s that for peace of mind with your investment?

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Battery Service

Over time, corrosion accumulates on the battery posts and terminals. Eventually, corrosion buildup can drain power from the battery. That’s why battery failure is one of the top reasons for calls made requesting roadside assistance.

You can avoid being stranded or stuck with an expensive tow charge by maintaining your vehicle’s battery with the BG Battery Service.

Cooling System

With the BG Cooling System Service, the entire cooling system is first cleaned with BG Universal Cooling System Cleaner and all debris and worn out coolant is completely removed from the system. Then, new premium coolant is added. BG Universal Super Cool® is also included to prevent corrosion.

Drive Line

The BG Drive Line Service removes and replaces old worn-out lubricant from manual transmissions, front and rear differentials, transaxles, and transfer cases. A specially trained technician will install a high quality BG gear lubricant required for vehicle application.

Performance Oil Change

A Performance Oil Change with BG products is anything but ordinary. BG’s high quality, dealership-recommended products will not only clean your engine and fuel system, but will continue to do so for many, many miles down the road.

Fuel/Air Induction

The BG Fuel/Air Induction Service produces instant results you can feel when you accelerate! Dealership-recommended BG products and equipment clean the entire fuel system. And a clean fuel system means restored fuel economy, fewer emissions and more power!

Power Steering Service

The BG Power Steering Service removes residues from the entire steering system, ensuring smooth, quiet operation while preventing leaks, sticking and damage to parts.

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